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Strategies for Buying Teflon High Temperature Wire

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-24
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Strategies for Buying Teflon High Temperature Wire

In choosing Teflon high-temperature lines, many friends tend to choose low-cost lines in order to reduce costs.But in fact, the power line is related to the safety of the family. If the quality of the power line is not up to standard, it may cause some potential power safety hazards.So, how to select Teflon high temperature wire correctly?
First, see if the product can provide 3C certificate
Regular manufacturers of cable products have been issued by the State with the certification of 3C, because the 3C certification mark is reflected in the largest scale of security products, to a certain extent, it can prove the quality of products.
2. Look at the thickness of the insulation layer of the product
For different types of wires, the thickness of the insulation layer is different, they all have a specified range of values, and the thickness of the insulation quality of the wires is relatively uniform, which is in the core material.
3. See if the wiring core of the product meets the regulations
Wires are made by strict wire drawing, annealing, stranding and other processes. The surface of the core is not only smooth and bright, but also should be burr, strong toughness and not easy to break.
Huizhou Shuikou Street, Huicheng District, is a scientific and technological enterprise which specializes in the research, development, production and sales of Teflon high-temperature wires.
The company absorbs the management methods of advanced countries, perfect supporting inspection facilities and professional technicians, and conducts a comprehensive and systematic appraisal of each batch of products by perfect management means, thus obtaining the approval of relevant departments of the state, and has successively obtained international certifications such as ISO 9001, UL, VDECE, etc.
At present, the products have been sold all over the country, supporting the key projects of national power, metallurgy, petrochemical, telecommunications, transportation system projects, high-grade product quality and good after-sales service have won the unanimous praise of users, and established good cooperation with many large domestic industrial enterprises.The company adheres to "professional casting quality", "quality continues to be brilliant", and firmly takes the road of quality and efficiency.