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Appropriate selection of robot cables

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-02
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Appropriate selection of robot cables

Robot cables are already common in the market, but the performance, specifications, parts and areas of each involved robot cable are different, so it is really a big problem if no experienced person chooses to use them.So today I want to briefly talk about the selection of the robot cable, what factors and considerations we should take into account to make it a treasure.

1. Explicit use of functions
The purpose we use is to solve problems that arise, so for any consumer, when buying cables, do you have to be clear about what is worth buying?What are the practical applications of robot cables?These independent and explicit requirements are purchased. Robot cables generally have the following advantages based on cable specifications and detailed understanding of the functional parameters of the cables:
(1) Wear-resistant, high-efficiency composite material is used to enhance the friction impedance of cables during use;
(2) Stress resistance can be seen from the restoring performance of the cable;
(3) Good effect of stretching force;
2. Testing the stretching function of cables
In general, the functions and functions of robot cables are relatively special, and quality is very important to consumers. Therefore, in a compressed environment, an average cost-effective cable can reduce the sensing capacity of a local cable for a long time, resulting in severe wire stretching and weakening of cable transport performance.
Therefore, for the above two points, we should basically know, but also include the key technology of robotic cables, as long as we grasp the things and the core of the purpose, I believe that choosing the right product is not a problem.Here's a brief description that I hope will help you.