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Halogen-free drainage as cable cover material mainly refers to the following indicators

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-16
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Halogen-free drainage as cable cover material mainly refers to the following indicators

1. Hardness
Consumer electronics cables feel soft and comfortable. Halogen-free drains are used in the cable industry. Hardness 80~90A is common. Low hardness will lose the elasticity of the material. High hardness which is not conducive to processing will make the cable hard.Elastomer has a unique elastic handle, which is less flexible than PVC at the same hardness.Based on our experience, the halogen-free flame retardant elastomer of Shore 85A is similar to the handle softness of PVC cable products of 80~82A.
2. Flame retardant
Flame retardant evaluation of cable products must refer to the general standard of VW-1 or FT-1. It is clear that the cable must be fire-proof as a whole. Because different electronic information lines have different linear designs, the intermediate insulation layer material is restricted (PP/PE and Hytrel series materials are selected). The selection of flame retardant polyolefin materials can cause voltage damage and signal transmission defects. Therefore, the finished products of flame retardant cables are lifted out.Very high flame retardant requirements have been met.In our experience, the flame retardant and coking capacity of the outer materials is strong, the cables are burned and attached to the products to form a dense carbide layer, to protect the wire insulation materials, and the semi-finished unshielded materials can also pass the VW-1 and FT-1 fire prevention tests.
3. Performance of physical machinery
In UL1581/758/62 standard, the minimum tensile strength of elastomer or PVC material at 105 C is 1.05kgf/mm2, and the minimum elongation at break is 100%. As our halogen-free discharge material, its mechanical properties exceed the requirements of traditional PVC cables. The elongation of outsourcing material can be used as one of the reference indexes for the elasticity of finished cables.Using halogen-free flame-retardant elastomers in the cable industry should focus on the tensile strength, tear strength, temperature resistance grade (80/90/105 C), thermal deformation (121/150 C), thermal shock and non-migration of the outsourcing materials, showing the comprehensive performance of the materials.