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What are the advantages of halogen-free electronic cables?

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  • Time of issue:2020-04-06
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What are the advantages of halogen-free electronic cables?

Halogen-free electronic wire refers to the halogen substance of the insulating layer material of the wire, which does not release halogen gas and has a low smoke concentration when burned.When halogen-free electronic wires are burned, only light water mist can be seen at a distance of more than 60 meters. Halogen-free electronic wires do not contain any toxic substances. Halogen-free electronic wires achieve flame retardant effect by irradiation crosslinking process.
Halogen-free electronic wires are manufactured with 99% high-quality pure copper and have good resistance. The bending radius of low-smoke halogen-free electronic wires during construction is larger, which can better ensure the quality of power output.Halogen-free electronic wires also have a long life and anti-aging effect, life can reach more than 100 years, halogen-free electronic wires are the mostHigh working temperature can reach 150 degrees, which meets the European Union environmental quality standards. Halogen-free electronic wires are suitable for rated voltage 450/750V or below. They have halogen-free, low smoke, flame retardant and high safety and environmental requirements, such as high-rise buildings, stations, metro, airports, hospitals, large libraries, gymnasiums, villas, home homes, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, etc.Densely populated places.
Most of the network cable covers consist of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride or thermoplastic polyurethane. When ignited, chlorine-containing plastic releases toxic hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid is produced in the presence of water.While low smoke halogen-free materials do not release halogen hydrogen or other acids when they are on fire, halogen-free electronic wires can reduce the toxic and corrosive gases that are produced when they are burned. Halogen-free electronic wires are often used in poor ventilated environments such as airplanes, train cars or ships. Halogen-free electronic wires are also commonly used in the railway industry because of the high voltage lines or under railways.It is the signal line that transmits the location of the train, and the use of halogen-free electronic lines also reduces the accumulation of toxic gases when the line is damaged by fire or short circuit.