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What are the characteristics of UL3239 silicone cable?

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  • Time of issue:2020-04-23
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What are the characteristics of UL3239 silicone cable?

UL3239 silicone cable is suitable for long-term allowable working temperature of cable under +180 C and for use within the ambient temperature range of -60 C. It is used for electrical connection between mobile electrical appliances in high temperature environment such as power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.Household appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic devices, electrothermal products, high-pressure testing, instruments, mechanical equipment.
UL3239 silicone cable is easy to peel. It has good acid, alkali and fungal properties, can withstand humidity and heat, and can withstand a variety of oils. At the same time, it has good cable softness, water and pressure resistance.The rated voltage of UL3239 silicone cable is over 3000V. Silicone rubber is used as insulation material. The insulation thickness is uniform and easy to peel and cut.
UL3239 Silicone Wire Copper Core is antioxidant tin-plated copper with low resistance and long-lasting stable conductivity.The extrusion process is used to ensure the eccentricity of the wire, the thickness is even, the safety of power use is guaranteed, and the potential safety hazard of current breaking through the partner is effectively prevented.The new extrusion process ensures that the sheath has sufficient materials, improves the cable tension strength and break elongation, wear resistance to strengthening, and increases the life of the cable.
UL3239 Silicone wire is suitable for use under different conditions. Conductors use single or multiple strands of tin-plated copper 28-14AWG (0.08-2.08).- Insulation is made of silicone rubber with colors of red, black, blue, grey, yellow, brown, green, orange, white, translucent, etc.Compliance with UL, ROHS environmental directive requirements.Widely used in high voltage wires (such as microwave ovens, lamps, automobiles, etc.) for electronic appliances, LED lighting, power transformers and other devices.
The company mainly produces EV cables (high voltage cables, low voltage cables and charging stake cables), UL3135 high temperature silicone cables, equipment control cables, internal connection cables of electronic appliances, robot cables, telephone cables, computer cables, audio-video cables, coaxial lines, USB cables, medical cables, automotive harness cables, nylon sheath cables, low smoke halogen-free crossover cables, Teflon cables and silicone cables.Widely used in automotive, industrial control equipment, automation equipment, electronic and electrical products, medical equipment, lighting, audio-visual communication systems and other industries.