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What is the difference between UL3239 silicone wire UL3135 high temperature silicone wire?

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-15
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What is the difference between UL3239 silicone wire UL3135 high temperature silicone wire?

The rated temperature of UL3239 silicone cable is relatively high, reaching approximately 150~300, and the rated voltage is around 600V.
Silicone rubber is used as insulation material. The insulation thickness is even, the rated temperature for easy peeling and cutting is 150 and the rated voltage is 3KV-50KV DC voltage
What are the characteristics of UL3239 silicone cable?
1. Standards: UL758, UL1581 and CSA C22.2 NO.210.2, IEC60754-2, RoHS;
2. Conductor Twisting 28-10AWG Single or Bare Copper or Tin-plated Copper Wire
3. Silicone rubber insulation;
4. Even insulation thickness, easy peeling and cutting
5. Passed the FT2 level combustion test.
UL3239 silicone cable has the following advantages: high temperature resistance, high softness, strong cold resistance, aging resistance, acid-base resistance, excellent weather resistance, ozone aging resistance, oxygen aging and atmospheric aging performance. It can be used continuously for 100 years under ambient temperature and for 10-20 years under 120 conditions.
Scope of application: Used in various lamps, harness processing, various electrical appliances, foot therapy machine, belt, heat pad, electrothermal paper towel holder, microwave oven, moisturizing box, rice cooker, freezer, refrigerator defrosting, health products, etc.
UL3239 Silicone Wire UL3135 High temperature Silicone Wire What is the difference: UL3239 Silicone Wire is not a high voltage Silicone Wire, but a high temperature resistance of 200 degrees, a voltage resistance of 3KV-50KV. The higher the voltage, the thicker the insulation layer, the bigger the outer diameter, the conductor uses tin-plated copper, tin
UL3135 high temperature silicone wire 200 degrees high temperature, rated voltage 600V, conductor is also tin-plated copper, conductor diameter is generally 0.18-0.5, mainly used in lighting, mechanical, electrical and other industries
Overall, the essential difference between UL3239 silicone wire and UL3135 high temperature silicone wire is that conductors differ in thickness, usage and voltage resistance.