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How much do you know about UL3239 silicone cable?

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-30
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How much do you know about UL3239 silicone cable?

UL3239 silicone wire has excellent high and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, excellent chemical stability, high voltage resistance, aging resistance and long service life.And soft, easy to install.It is widely used in high temperature environment such as lighting lamps, household appliances, electric heating appliances, instruments, motor leads, electronics, lamps, gas appliances, etc.
UL3239 Silicone wire uses tin-plated copper wire as conductor and silicone as insulation layer.As long as it is flexible and high voltage resistant, it complies with UL standard and has a voltage as high as 3KV-50KV.
UL3239 Silicone Wire Component:
1. Conductors are the conductive part of cables and cables, which are used to transfer energy and are the main part of cables and cables.
2. An insulating layer is an integral part of the cable structure, which insulates conductors from the earth and conductors in different phases to ensure power transmission.
Cables above 3.15KV generally have conductor and insulation shielding layers.
4. The purpose of the protective layer is to protect the wires and cables from external impurities and moisture and to prevent direct damage to the power cables by external forces.
The main processes of the silicone production line are mixing, filtering, curing, grinding and polishing.Silicone gel high temperature wire mixing refers to the control of the content of components, hot drying temperature, etc.Stabilize hardness and composition.The purpose of filtration is to make the colloids even and free of impurities.This is especially important for high-speed printers.
During high-speed operation, the difference between stress level and transfer energy level persists when various components shrink or shrink, so only adjustments can reduce or prevent adverse effects.
Curing refers to heating, pressurizing and sulfurizing the silicone high-temperature wire during the manufacturing process to stabilize the accelerator and to reduce the shrinkage of the silicone high-temperature wire to a certain level when subjected to external forces.This soft and ductile compound becomes a solid with a certain degree of softness and is more suitable for ink transfer.
Grinding and polishing are the key to determine the size accuracy and surface area of rubber rollers, especially the radian treatment of alcohol-water rollers.The UL3239 silicone cable looks lubricated, but at high magnification there are many small projections and depressions.These bumps and recesses increase the outer surface area of the rubber roll, giving it excellent ink transfer and transfer performance.