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Silicone wire for rain and wind

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-27
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Silicone wire for rain and wind

When you hear the wind and rain, you must think of ultraviolet light, ozone, oxidation and so on.
Let's introduce the weatherability of silicone wires to you in the following section:
Silicone rubber insulated main chain is -Si(R)2-O-Si(R)2-. There is no double bond, so it is not easy to be oxidized by oxidation, ultraviolet light and ozone degradation. The bond length of silicon-oxygen bond is about 1.5 times longer than that of carbon-carbon bond. Compared with other polymer composite insulated wires, silicone wire has better weatherability and radiation resistance.Therefore, long-term outdoor use will not occur aging, mechanical and electrical properties basically unchanged, no cracking.
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