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What determines the softness of silicone wire?

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-30
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What determines the softness of silicone wire?

We know that silicone wires are generally soft, but the softness of different series of silicone wires is different to some extent. Medical silicone wire manufacturers do a few brief analysis, hope to help you understand silicone wire.
Before understanding the determinants of the softness of silicone wires, let's take a look at the composition and structure of ul3239 silicone wires. The structure of ul3239 silicone wire is very simple: conductor and shell. From this, we can roughly understand the decisive factor of silicone wire flexibility.
First of all, from the perspective of conductor, the flexibility of silicone wire produced by tinned copper or bare copper with different sizes and outer diameters is different. The smaller the outer diameter of a single conductor, the softer and harder the stranded conductor is. For example, in Zhongzhen new energy's ultra soft silicone wire, the softness of 0.05 copper wire is softer than that of 0.08.
Second, it's an insulating shell - silicone rubber. Raw materials, additives, production technology and other factors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer of medical silicone wire.
Silicone wire is used for electrical connection between high-temperature electrical equipment such as power generation, metallurgy and chemical industry. Silicone wire is widely used in high-temperature environment such as electric heating appliances, lighting lamps, instrument electronics, lamps and lanterns, industrial machinery, heavy machinery, electronic equipment and other high-temperature occasions, as well as microwave oven.
It is suitable for long-term operation of cables with working temperature lower than 180 and ambient temperature not lower than - 60. It is also suitable for the internal connection lines of fax machines, printers, copiers, scanners, instruments, motor leads and electronic and gas appliances.
Excellent resistance to low temperature, high temperature resistance and high voltage resistance. And soft, easy to install. This product has outstanding acid, alkali and antifungal properties, and can resist all kinds of grease in hot and humid environment. The cable has the advantages of good flexibility, water resistance and pressure resistance.