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High tear resistant silicone wire

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-10
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High tear resistant silicone wire

Since 2008, new energy electric vehicles have been gradually accepted by consumers. Electric vehicles cannot do without electricity, of course, electricity cannot do without the transmission of wires.
In the field of new energy electric vehicles, the performance of silicone wires in high-voltage wires in vehicles has been brought into full play.
Because the vehicle is irregular driving movement, it can not be avoided that the vehicle will drive to bumpy road section in the process of driving. When the road condition is not good, the connecting wire inside the car will scratch with other parts of the body, so the silicone wire has a demand for high tear resistance silicone wire. As a manufacturer with 16 years of experience in R & D and manufacturing of wires and cables, Tektronix keeps pace with customers when they demand high tear resistant silicone wires. Successful production of products beyond customer requirements.
Customer reference standards for tear resistance are as follows:
Class E - 40 ~ 180 ℃ silicone wire
Class F - 40 ~ 200 ℃ silicone wire
Tear test results of our products: > 40n / mm
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