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Wire and cable manufacturers introduce the function of braided layer

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-20
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Wire and cable manufacturers introduce the function of braided layer

Wire and cable manufacturers introduced the three basic structure of wire and cable, including conductor, insulation layer and sheath layer.
Some cables also have isolation layer, shielding layer and outer protective layer. Braiding is the shielding layer or protective layer of wires and cables. The function of braiding layer is different due to the different materials and parts in the structure of wires and cables. This paper introduces the specific functions of braided layer in wires and cables by Tektronix wire and cable manufacturer
1. Fiber braided layer: fiber braided layer is a kind of light protective layer. For the wire, its main function is to protect the insulation from or less from various light, heat, moisture, low temperature, acid and alkali gas erosion and external physical damage. For the cable, the fiber braided layer is usually in the middle of the sheath to enhance the tear resistance of the sheath. For example, the reinforced sheath is to add cotton yarn, hemp and other fiber braided layers in the middle of the rubber or plastic sheath to improve the strength of the sheath.
2. Metal braided layer: the metal braided layer is mainly divided into copper wire braiding layer and steel wire (iron wire) braiding layer.
2.1. The main functions of copper wire braided layer are as follows:
2.1.1. Anti electromagnetic interference shielding effect, such as copper wire braided control cable, etc.
2.1.2. The shielding effect of eliminating the surface potential of power cable is to bind the power line and eliminate the induced electricity, such as the total shielding of high-voltage cable.
2.1.3. The shielding function of safety protection is to weave copper wire outside the insulation of main core and make good contact with the earth core or be used as ground wire, which can timely respond to leakage, such as mine shielded cable.
2.2. The main functions of steel wire braiding are as follows:
2.2.1. Mechanical protection.
2.2.3. Shielding effect of magnetic field.
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