Causes and solutions of Teflon wire cracking



Causes and solutions of Teflon wire cracking

Causes and solutions of Teflon wire cracking

  Causes and solutions of teflon line cracking Cause of cracking:

1. The quality of teflon material is not good, the molecular weight of resin is too small or the distribution is too wide, the content of hexafluoropropylene is too low, the composition distribution is not uniform, the unstable group produces the broken chain of macromolecules, the spherulite is too fragile, so that the withstand strength of the material is reduced.

2. The color masterbatch added by FEP material does not fuse. If ETFE color masterbatch is used, the epidermis may tear. 3. Improper extrusion process, small model, improper mold selection, excessive DRB, unbalanced DDR, etc. 4. Uneven composition of resin, resulting in poor plasticization, internal stress can not be eliminated. 5. The ambient temperature is too low 6. It's time to live. 7. No matter duPont, Daikin and other imported brand materials, or Dongyue, Juhua and other domestic brand materials, any one will not guarantee that the FEP cable made does not crack. Solution: 1.FEP material selection, whether DuPont, Daikin, Dongyue, Juhua, choose the right model, finance should be appropriate. FEP material to add special color masterbatch.

3. Extruder, large machine for large line, small machine for small line, proper selection of die, DDR=50-150, DRB=095-1.05, extrusion speed slightly slower.

4. The plasticizing temperature is appropriate to avoid bad plasticizing.

5. Correct use, eliminate environmental impact.

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