Standard for Testing High Voltage Wires for New Energy Vehicles



Do you know what a new energy automobile high voltage cable is?Automotive high-voltage cables are not as simple as you think.The automobile harness is the main body of the automobile circuit and also

Do you know what a new energy automobile high voltage cable is?The automobile high voltage cable is not as simple as you imagine. The automobile harness is the main body of the automobile circuit and also the carrier of the automobile circuit.The automobile harness is the bridge and link for the work of automotive electrical components, and is the power and signal transmission and distribution of automotive nervous system.
New energy automotive high voltage cables can be connected to the internal and external harness of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels. The main application is the signal distribution of the internal harness of the distribution box, which can transmit energy efficiently and with high quality, and shield the external signal interference.
The high voltage connection system consists of a high voltage wire harness and connectors.DC / DC, water heated PTC charger, air heated PTC, DC charging port, power motor, high voltage harness, maintenance switch, inverter, power battery, high voltage box, electric air conditioner, AC charging port, etc.High voltage harness is the neural network of the high voltage system of new energy automobiles, and it is very important.
New Energy Automotive High Voltage Wire is a "wire" with an "insulating" device that transmits energy through the ignition coil to ignite the spark plug, thus enabling the engine to operate normally.Its structure is not complex. The internal metal wires are manufactured externally through the production process and covered with a high strength insulator. It has good insulation at both high and low temperatures, as well as internal transmission and transmission functions.
Wire manufacturer's new energy automobile high voltage wire test standard:
1.Higher Insulation Check Voltage
AC 600V / DC 900V check voltage is 8KV
AC 900V / DC 1500V Check Voltage 10KV
2. Only use bright orange for the outer layer of the cable
3. Abrasion resistance requirement stipulates minimum number of reciprocating trips 1000 1500
4. Heat aging at 3000H followed by winding and insulation tests.
5.The flame retardant requirement is higher and the self-extinguishing time of extended flame test is less than 30 seconds.The self-extinguishing time of GB / T 25085 and GB / T 25087 is required to be less than 70 seconds.