Black horse material in silicone wires you haven't heard of



The performance of fluorosilicone: chemical resistance, solvent resistance and oil resistance, compared with methyl vinyl silicone rubber performance is much better.

Last week a customer asked if our company could build an oil-resistant silicone cable.Said to use fluorosilicone, our organization team confirmed the customer's product performance parameters, in fact there are not too many stringent requirements.The EV silicone in our company's regular silicone wires is sufficient.
That's sure you haven't heard of fluorosilicone. Here's a brief introduction about the properties and applications of fluorosilicone:
Performance of fluorosilicone: Chemical resistance, solvent resistance and oil resistance, much better than methyl vinyl silicone rubber.It is currently the only elastomer that can withstand nonpolarity in fuel medium ranging from -68 C to 232 C.Fluorosilica gel methanol resistant gasoline is also better, after 500 hours of immersion, the performance of almost no change.The heat resistance is slightly worse than that of ordinary silicone rubber.
Application of fluorosilicone: mainly in aerospace, electronic communication, vehicles and vessels, precision instruments, petrochemical industry, medical and health fields.For example, aeronautical film in aeronautical equipment, airplane whole tank seal, liner used in petrochemical industry as contact with fuel oil and lubricant, seal, rubber pad, rubber tube seam, automobile engine crankshaft rear seal ring, cylinder gasket, fuel pump seal, tank cover gasket, filter seal, fuel pump diaphragm, etc.
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