Two ways to identify silicone wires



Differentiation between good and bad silicone wires: 1. The conductor part will not be introduced more. First of all, the copper must meet the standards, and the cross-section area (conductor resistan

Two ways to identify silicone wires
Huizhou yiteke wire and cable Co., Ltd. has a special silica gel wire production workshop and an independent rubber mixing room.
How to distinguish the quality of silicone wire:
1. Conductor part we do not do more introduction, the first is that copper must meet the standard, cross-sectional area (conductor resistance) standard;
2. The insulation part is mainly introduced
Method 1: smell by nose, put the wire beside your nose for 1-3 seconds. If you smell pungent smell, it happens that your product is used in the car. That can basically find the manufacturer again. High quality silica gel, nose smell is basically no pungent taste, only a touch of silicone original flavor.
Method 2: nail pick, gently pick the cross-section of wire insulation with nails, if it is very brittle, you can pick out a piece of insulation. There's no need to explain more. High quality silicone wires are hard to tear with nails.
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