Eleteck staff meeting in November 2019(Working together with one heart,learning and doing)



Staff meeting of Huizhou eleteck wire and cable Co., Ltd. in November 2019

At 08:00 a.m. on December 9, 2019, Huizhou eleteck wire and cable Co., Ltd. held a monthly staff meeting.
Contents of the conference:
1、 In November, outstanding employees and smiling stars were awarded awards.
2、 Report the KPI achievement of each department in the current month.
3、 Mr. Feng Zhihui, chairman of the board of directors, shares the theme of "working together with one heart, learning and doing".
The company is like the sea. There are many whirlpools. There is a person in the center of each whirlpool. People in the center of the vortex must focus on the things they pay attention to, and roll in the waves around them, and things will be easy to accomplish
4、 President Jiang led us to interact with the test game of "increasing energy" and "reducing energy".
We must bless the people around us, such as family members, colleagues and friends. Blessing will certainly increase energy for each other. The energy may not be seen, but the other party can feel it