The cause of over standard o-benzene in electric wires "hundreds of thousands of yuan may be missed if you don't look at it"



"If you don't look, you may miss hundreds of thousands of yuan." Huizhou yiteke wire and cable Co., Ltd. shares

"If you don't look, you may miss hundreds of thousands of yuan." Huizhou yiteke wire and cable Co., Ltd. shares:
1. From July 22, 2019, all electronic and electrical products (except medical equipment and monitoring equipment) must meet the requirements of rohs2.0. Annex II of rohs2.0 adds four o-benzene, DEHP, BBP, DBP and DiBP to the original six substances.
2. Before July this year, all enterprises have gathered to investigate whether the raw materials of products contain o-benzene or not. Of course, wire and cable enterprises are important objects of concern.
3. The beginning of the problem: in the near future, several wire and wire harness enterprises around tektron have appeared the phenomenon of benzene exceeding the standard. Fortunately, tektron customers began to investigate phthalate esters in 2012. Following the core idea of "customers can rest assured", we have greatly advanced the material upgrading work since the second half of 2012, and have fully switched raw materials and packaging materials that meet rohs2.0 without phthalates.
4. Cause analysis: according to the investigation and interview conducted by Xiaobian, it is found that these enterprises with excessive o-benzene are not directly related to the direct raw materials of their own wires. They use environmental protection materials without o-benzene.
The cause of their products exceeding the standard of o-benzene is: PVC packaging film. Some wire enterprises have missed the environmental protection management of packaging film. PVC packaging film is some of the customer's package, some is the wire enterprise's own package.
Most of the PVC packaging films purchased on the market contain very high phthalate esters. With long-term contact with wires, the phthalic substances in the film will migrate to the wire products, resulting in the detection of phthalates in the wires exceeding the standard.
In addition, if PVC film packaging halogen-free products, it will lead to excessive CL in Halogen-free products.
5. Loyalty suggestion: it is suggested that all enterprises should conduct a comprehensive investigation on upstream and downstream immediately to determine whether to use PVC membrane. All switch to use environmental friendly halogen-free PE film.
6. How to distinguish PVC film from PE film
6.1 method 1: smell
PVC film has pungent smell, PE film has no smell.
6.2 method 2: look
PVC film is yellow green, PE film is transparent.
6.3 method 3: stretching
The tensile strength of PVC film is high, while that of PE film is small and filamentous after fracture.
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