Eleteck Staff meeting in October 2019 (where is happiness)



Staff meeting of Huizhou eleteck wire and cable Co., Ltd. in October 2019

At 08:00 a.m. on November 4, 2019, Huizhou eleteck wire and cable Co., Ltd. held a monthly staff meeting.
Contents of the conference:
1、 In October, outstanding employees and smiling stars were awarded awards.
2、 The managers of business department, overall planning department, quality control department, technology department and Finance Department reported the achievement of KPI indicators in the current month.
3、 Mr. Feng Zhihui, chairman of the board, shares the theme of "where is happiness".
Happiness comes from diligence and is felt in diligence; happiness is felt in serious work, happiness in introspection, happiness in frustration, and happiness in income.
Happiness comes from dedication, happiness comes from consciousness
4、 President Jiang shared the theme of health.
Thought determines behavior, behavior determines habit, habit determines character, and character determines fate;
Do the right thing, not what you like, and then like the right thing;
Health = good habits + time;
Disease = bad habits + time