Safety starts with yourself



Safe production

 We often hear such a sentence: "be careful, pay attention to safety!" Although it is only six words, there are too many meanings behind this sentence: it has love, warning, and respect for life.
The so-called love is because family members want to see a healthy, smiling you; the so-called warning is to ask you to do this dangerous and difficult work seriously, and not be careless. Let's not say how deeply people will understand this sentence, but "prevention before it happens" is something everyone must think of and must do. So safety production must start with me.
As an employee of an enterprise, we must fully understand the professional knowledge of their own post and seriously study the safety system. Every safety system and operation procedure is accumulated from the experience and lessons of blood together. It is not a shackle to us, but a beacon to guide us to move forward correctly. As long as we study carefully and strictly implement it, "accidents can be avoided.". In each work, first of all, we should ask ourselves: "is this illegal? Is it safe?" The purpose is to implant the idea of "safety first" into our brain and cultivate a correct safety behavior view.
Every work has its particularity. We can't do things by experience, so as to put an end to all habitual violations. Some people know clearly that some behaviors are against the regulations, but they are unwilling to change them because of the trouble. They think that they have been doing this all the time and will not happen so coincidentally. Such psychology, in fact, is the performance of security consciousness paralysis.
You should know that any violation of regulations may push yourself to the edge of danger and be punished. At school, the teacher said to love the motherland and the people; after working, the leaders said they should love the enterprise and work; when they got married, the lover said they should love their family and life. In front of safety, I said: we must love ourselves first. Such a person can be a loving and grateful person. Without security, all love can't be given.
When we live a comfortable life, it is the fruit of hard work and safety. Work is the means of our survival. However, it is the enterprise that gives us the opportunity to work and ensure our life. We should be grateful to the society, the enterprise and all the people who love us. How should we do it? That is to do our own work safely. This is not only gratitude, but also our responsibility and obligation.
Life is precious. For the development of enterprises, personal safety and family happiness, please take "safety" seriously. Only safety in the heart, life in the hand. Safety production starts from the side, safety production depends on us to escort together.
Huizhou Eleteck personnel administration department