August 2019 staff conference "power of love"



mid autumn festival and Staff meeting

At 08:00 a.m. on September 9, 2019, Huizhou eleteck wire and cable Co., Ltd. held a monthly staff meeting.
Contents of the conference:
1、 The managers of business department, overall planning department, quality control department, technology department and Finance Department reported the achievement of KPI indicators in the current month.
2、 The whole family watched the 45 minute video of Pang Dong Lai's power of love. After watching the video, Feng Dong explained the content of the video section by section.
1. What motivates the grass-roots employees of the enterprise to have a lot of spontaneous innovation and creativity, so as to make the post work to the extreme?
2. Why not consider the cost of outdoor hand sanitizer?
3. Try something, try to eat Full, large supply, why?
4. Hami melon pulp and eggplant bring profit reduction for weight, which is contrary to commercial profit pursuit. What will be brought about by doing so?
5. Why not advertise outside the shopping mall and in the lobby?
6. Why not worry about peer learning?
7. Why don't you advertise in the home appliance area?
8. Will you refund your ticket 25 minutes after watching the movie? How many times will you return it? What's your attitude after the second time?
The story of 9.7 pairs of shoes, how many pairs of shoes can you change to?
10. If you are looking for a job, do you want to join this company in particular? Why?
Through watching the video and Feng Dong's explanation, everyone was touched.
3、 All the family members of the company receive the mid autumn festival gifts, and we are happy to welcome the Mid Autumn Festival.