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Three-hearted business thinking: the guests are assured, the employees are happy, the boss is quiet.

1、Rest assured(Customer believe in):

Reliable, products and services provide peace of mind.

2、Happy employees(Employee delight):

The material and spiritual benefits brought about by the labor effort make the employees happy. Happy accumulation is happiness!

3、Boss meditation(Boss well balance):

Through the process of business management, I feel the meaning of corporate life, examine the meaning of individual life, and calm the boss.   

Inside Tektronix, there are employees and bosses, and there are guests outside. In addition to guests, employees, and bosses, Tektronix does not exist. Therefore, the thought of the three hearts is based on the idea of people. People are the "body", the avenue, and the human being. Understand that the three-hearted thought is "knowing the body", "mingling", "seeing the Tao", "seriously", and "enlightening".


Vision mission values:


Become a reliable cable manufacturer, manufacture high-quality products, realize employee happiness, and contribute to the progress of human society.


Pursuing high returns, realizing employees' material happiness, spiritual happiness, cultivation and achievement have conscience, no lack of morality, no trouble for others, especially no qualified talents for the customers who support your family.

3、Core value:

①respect  ②honest  ③responsibility  ④innovation  


We agree that:

1、Benefits are based on emotions, and character determines products;

2、Where is the heart, where is the interest?;

3、life·Work results = thinking mode X passion X ability.

4、No smoking, no betel nut;

5、Do not waste a grain of rice;

6、The beginning of the work is clean, and the end of the work is clean;

7、A clean bathroom is a symbol of a good company; 

8、Growth begins with learning, and learning is as common as eating and sleeping.